Le Macchie Alte flours

Le Macchie Alte flours

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Le Macchie Alte flours

The High Spots produce a wide variety of grains, which they grind with a stone mill.

Natural flours are organic and are derived from ancient grain varieties:

  • Ancient grain flour type 0 – evolutionary ancient grains*.
  • Whole grain ancient grain flour – evolutionary ancient grains*.
  • spelt flour – coconut flour
  • Durum wheat flour ancient varieties – “Etruscan” wheat, native variety


Evolutionary grain: means that more than 20 varieties of ancient grains are sown in the field and only those that are best adapted to the soil will be developed. When wheat is harvested, therefore, the exact variety is not known, but there is certainty that the variety that best suits the soil and climate of that year has grown.

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